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  Standard Price
Initial Consultation £69.00
Follow-up Consultation £67.00
New Puppy or Kitten Examination £57.00
Small Pet Consultation £57.00
Emergency Fee £123.00
Written Prescription £26.00


  Standard Price
Puppy Vaccination Course £118.00
Dog Booster Vaccination £78.00
Dog Kennel Cough Vaccination £49.00
Kitten Vaccination Course £118.00
Cat Booster Vaccination FLU/ENT/FELV £80.00
Rabbit Booster Myxomatosis/VHD/RHD* £82.00
Rabies Vaccines £108.00

* - Vet to discuss at time about all 3 together in new vaccine or separate vaccines

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  Standard Price
Dog Castrate (under 25kg) £312.00
Dog Castrate (over 25kg) £372.00
Dog Castrate (over 45kg) £430.70
Bitch Spay (under 25kg) £414.00
Bitch Spay (25kg to 45kg) £510.00
Bitch Spay (over 45kg) £599.69
Laparoscopic Bitch Spay Price on request
Cat Spay (Flank) £168.00
Cat Spay (Midline) £209.90
Cat Castration £120.00
Rabbit Spay £214.69
Rabbit Castration £174.17

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Nurse Checks

  Standard Price
Post-op Checks of Routine Operations FREE
Removing Sutures/Staples FREE
Nail Clipping £30.05
Program Injections From £58.48

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  Standard Price
Microchipping £38.81

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Animal Health Certificates

  Standard Price
Animal Health Certificate (plus a consult fee) £258.96

Prices effective from September 2023